Regarding the novel coronavirus (Covid-19)

By order of Santa Clara County our office has been closed and the office employees are working from home and will remain at home until the Shelter In Place order has been lifted.  During this time, we are asking for the patience of all our clients.  You may reach us at (408) 286-8840 and by email at 


How to Pay Rent While Our Office is closed

We ask tenants to pay their rent electronically, if possible, using the tenant portal.  Instructions for setting up a tenant portal account are provided below.  You may use an electronic check or credit card.

  • Click on the link above for the TENANT PORTAL.

  • To set up your account, you will need your account number and you must use the email address we have on file for you.  You should call our office at (408) 286-8840 or email us at if you don't have this information.

  • Each person who is listed on the lease and who will be making separate payments for rent should set up their own portal account using their email address and the account number provided.  Your payments will be identified on your account by the email address used to make the payment.

If you normally pay by cashiers check or money order, you may pay rent using a cash pay location which you can locate at any number of locations.  Walmart is able to process your payment.  If you would like to learn about other locations, please CLICK HERE.

  • You will need to present your identification and present them with your Cash Pay Account Number.  If you do not know your Cash Pay Account Number, please call us at (408) 286-8840 or email us at


  • Once they enter your payment, it will immediately be credited to your account.


What if I can't pay all or only some of my rent due to the Shelter in Place order?

  • First, don't panic.

  • You should email us at and provide us with something from your employer that states your hours have been reduced, you have been furloughed, or laid off.  This could be a letter, a post on their website, an email, etc.

  • Please visit this website to learn about Disaster Unemployment Benefits.  You should file for these benefits right away if your hours are reduced or you have lost your job or you are laid off. 

  • Once you have applied for benefits, please send us a copy of the confirmation you got acknowledging your application.

  • We understand that your benefits may not come right away.  We just want to make sure that you are indeed experiencing reduced work due to the Shelter In Place Order and that you have take the steps to apply for benefits.

  • We expect all tenants who are working from home and / or not experiencing any change in income, to pay rent on time.

  • Finally, we urge you to PAY WHAT YOU CAN!!  Eventually, you will need to pay the full amount due.  As such, you should make whatever payments you can with the understanding that it can be very hard to catch up.

  • If you comply with the directions above, we will waive your late fees and there will be no adverse actions taken to collect the past due rent until the crisis situation has passed.


What about maintenance?

  • We are going to do our best to respond to your requests for maintenance.

  • Please be courteous when dealing with our employees.  This situation is difficult for everyone and things are going to move much more slowly.

  • You may have to be patient for any issue that is not causing a habitability issue.

  • Some vendors may be operating under reduced hours or may be required to shelter in place themselves.  We cannot FORCE someone to come work on your issue.

  • If you have a maintenance worker in your home, please allow them to WASH THEIR HANDS when they arrive and before they leave.  Also, please disinfect any surfaces that they touched.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we all work through the current health crisis!  The situation is changing daily and none of us know how long this will last.  We're in this together!

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