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Helpful tools for Owners

  • Owner Web Access (OWA) Portal - We are pleased to offer our owners online access to their account through our portal.  You can log into your account any day or time and see the most recent activity on your account, run your own statements, etc.  As desired, you can also make electronic payment through the Portal should you ever need to make an owner contribution.  

  • New Property Questionnaire - When we take on a new property for management, we will need to gather as much information about the property that we can.  Complete this New Property Questionnaire and submit it via email or mail it or  bring it to the office.   Download PDF

  • Unit Amenities Worksheet - After you have completed the New Property Questionnaire, you will need to fill out a Unit Amenities worksheet for each and every unit on the Property.  If the property is a single family house, then you only need to fill out one Unit Amenities Worksheet.  However, if it is a 10 unit apartment building, please complete a worksheet for each unit. Complete the Unit Amenities worksheet(s) and submit via email or mail it or bring it to the office.  Download PDF

  • Direct Deposit ACH Authorization Form - We are pleased to offer options in how you receive your owner distribution each month.  We can send you a check in the mail or direct deposit the funds into your bank account.  If you would like to use the direct deposit option, please fill out this Authorization Form. We can send you this form for electronic signature on the Portal.  You can also download it and send it to us by email, fax, or regular mail.  Download PDF

  • Owner Reports - Each month, you will receive an Owner Profit & Loss Statement along with a Detailed Owner's Statement that details all the rents received and expenses paid.  You can receive the report by first class mail, or through the Portal.  All overseas owners must receive their statement via the Portal.  

    • We process each month's reports on the first business day of the month immediately after the month is over.  For example, July's report will be processed on the first business day in August.

    • If you would like to receive an interim report or need some other form of information, we are happy to assist you.  We have countless other reports we can generate based on your needs.  You can also generate your own reports on the Portal.  Please call the office at (408) 286-8840 or send us an email to let us know what you need!

  • Make an Owner Contribution - We are pleased to offer options in how you make owner contributions for your rental property.  You can send us a check in the mail, you can ACH Transfer the funds from your bank account to ours, or you can use a credit card.  Electronic funds transfer must be paid through the Portal (fees apply).

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